Brew Pin


Create a responsive mobile-first desktop application to locate breweries nearby using the user’s geo location.


Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Google Maps API, BreweryDB API


GitHub Code

Brew Pin Computer Image

UX Challenges

The overarching objectives of this project were to develop a cutting-edge desktop application, prioritizing usability, enjoyment, and a mobile-first approach. The vision was to craft an application that not only operated seamlessly across devices but also boasted a remarkable speed, ensuring a swift and efficient user experience. The ultimate aim was to design an application that required minimal cognitive effort, offering users an intuitive and instinctive interface.

Color Exploration

Brew Pin Color Exploration

UX Solutions

Crafted a user-friendly interface with a seamless and intuitive design, utilizing the Bootstrap grid framework in conjunction with the Google Maps API. The strategic integration of these technologies not only facilitated a pain-free user experience but also leveraged the widespread familiarity that many users in our target audience have with Google Maps. By incorporating a well-established framework and a trusted mapping tool, the interface not only ensured ease of use but also engendered a sense of comfort and familiarity among users, fostering a more accessible and welcoming interaction with the platform.