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eSpark has traditionally embraced a bottoms-up strategy, strategically acquiring teachers as advocates within schools to influence administrators towards adopting their platform. While this approach has yielded success and recent enhancements have garnered positive feedback from students and teachers, the company is now expanding its focus to address the specific needs of administrators. The goal is to enhance their experience and, consequently, drive positive sales outcomes.


Figma, Bootstrap, Rails, Svelte, HTML, CSS, Javascript


Launched 2/1/24. Currently in data collection phase for outcomes.

eSpark admin dashboard on laptop computer

Measurement of Success:

Positive Feedback:
Measuring success involves gathering positive feedback from Administrators who appreciate the newfound ability to access and utilize data pertaining to their Principals, Teachers, and Students. This positive reception should manifest in meaningful conversations with Teachers regarding usage patterns, growth discussions with Principals, and informed interventions for Students, particularly in areas such as reading support.

Impact on Renewals:
Renewals are identified as a critical success metric, with Administrators citing improved decision-making capabilities enabled by data access. The goal is to see a positive impact on renewals, with Administrators justifying their continued investment in eSpark through tangible, data-backed insights.

Sales Opportunities:
The successful deployment of the Admin Dashboard is expected to elevate pilots into confirmed sales opportunities. Administrators armed with a comprehensive understanding of how eSpark can effectively serve their school should be more inclined to move from pilot programs to full-scale adoptions.

eSpark admin dashboard usage tab
eSpark admin dashboard growth tab
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By strategically addressing the needs of administrators through the enhanced Admin Dashboard, eSpark aims to not only improve user experiences but also significantly impact sales outcomes, renewals, and the progression of pilot programs into confirmed opportunities. This case study reflects a strategic shift toward a holistic and user-centric approach, aligning with eSpark’s commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction.