Freemium Model


Implement a freemium model that showcases the product’s value within the first 30 days, creating a meaningful impact when users transition to the lite version. Employ blockers to encourage conversion to a paid plan.


Figma, Bootstrap, Rails, Elm, HTML, CSS, Javascript

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Strategies Implemented

Feature Highlighting:
Emphasize premium features including our small group skills, reporting, and benchmark assessment integration, during the initial 30 days, showcasing their value. Offer users a taste of advanced functionalities to enhance their experience.

Time-Limited Access:
Provide free access to premium features for a limited time during the trial 30 day period. Create urgency to encourage users to explore and appreciate these features.

Progression Barriers:
Introduce noticeable blockers in the lite version, limiting user capabilities. Restrict actions or content access to emphasize the benefits of the premium plan. Teachers can search and preview lessons, but once they go to assign they are hit with a blocker modal. Reports show limited information and lite users are not able to provide benchmark assessment data.

Data Insights and Analytics:
Offer comprehensive data insights during the trial; providing basic data in the lite version. Showcase the depth of analytics available in the premium plan, enticing users to upgrade.

Regular Reminders:
Send periodic reminders to lite users about premium version benefits. Highlight current limitations and demonstrate how they can be overcome by upgrading.

Feedback and Surveys:
Solicit feedback from lite users on their experiences and missed features. Use input to refine the premium offering and address pain points for future conversions.

eSpark lessons search page
eSpark lesson detail page
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New teachers stepping down increased overall engagement, with CTAs experiencing a 71% lift. High-value CTA, “Meet with us,” produced significant gains with a 110% lift. Weekly leads increased by 140% YoY, and cumulative leads saw a 12% YoY growth.
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By incorporating these strategies and introducing blockers in the transition from trial to lite version, the freemium model effectively showcased the product’s value. This approach drove user engagement, evidenced by increased CTAs and substantial growth in leads. The results underscore the success of the optimized freemium model in both benefiting users and ensuring the sustainability of our business.