Teacher Engagement


Bringing the magic forward in our product presentation to captivate teachers and encourage exploration before sign-up.


Figma, WordPress, Bootstrap, Svelte, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP



eSpark homepage on laptop computer

Strategies Implemented

Pre-Sign-Up Teasers:
Showcase captivating games, videos, and lessons on the landing page. Provide glimpses of educational content to entice teachers.

Activity Service for SEO:
Implement a robust search feature for user navigation and SEO benefits. Optimize content for search engines to increase platform visibility.

Homepage Carousel:
Feature top lessons for each grade in an eye-catching carousel. Rotate selections periodically for fresh and engaging content.

Content Curation:
Invest in a robust content curation strategy for high-quality and relevant resources. Make a strong first impression on teachers regarding the platform’s value.

Interactive Previews:
Offer interactive previews or demonstrations for games and interactive content. Allow teachers to experience educational value directly on the landing pages.

Clear Calls to Action:
Place compelling calls to action strategically throughout the landing page. Encourage teachers to explore further, sign up, or access a free trial. Offer SSO for quick and easy account creation.

Responsive Design:
Ensure a responsive platform presentation across various devices. Provide a seamless experience for teachers browsing on mobile devices.

Engagement Analytics:
Implement analytics tools to track user engagement with showcased content. Refine presentation strategy based on engagement data.

A/B Testing:
Conduct A/B testing to assess the effectiveness of different elements. Optimize platform presentation iteratively over time.

eSpark lessons search page layout


Pre-Sign-Up Teasers:
106% lift in user sign ups.

Technical Migration:
Moved from using Elm to Svelte to help build activity service and components that can be ingested in both the activity service as well as the WordPress marketing site.

Marketing Site (Svelte):
SEO page speed scores of 99/100 (previously 30-60).

SEO non-branded search up 132%; keyword ranking up 74%.

Component Library Creation:
New standardized component library using svelte and storybook reduced engineering implementation by 90%.

Template Creation:
Marketing self-service enables engineers to build critical path work autonomously, resulting in 20% engineering savings.


Implementing a strategic approach to showcase our platform’s offerings has not only increased teacher engagement but has also resulted in significant technical and efficiency improvements, reinforcing our commitment to providing valuable educational resources.