Create a project management application that makes project flow seamless between users and devices. Similar to other project management apps such as Monday, Asana, and Trello.


Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, React

Owlist Phone and Computer Images

UX Challenges

The primary objective was to maintain consistency and user familiarity across devices, ensuring that users could effortlessly navigate and perform tasks without the burden of adapting to a significantly different interface on desktop compared to the mobile version.

UX Solutions

Responsive Design Integration:
Utilized a responsive design approach to adapt the application interface based on the user’s device, enabling optimal display and functionality on both mobile and desktop.

Bootstrap Framework Implementation:
Implemented the Bootstrap framework to establish a cohesive and adaptable grid system, allowing for a seamless transition between different screen sizes.

Strategic Component Placement:
Carefully designed the layout to maintain the logical placement of key components and functionalities, ensuring consistency across devices.

User-Friendly Navigation:
Prioritized intuitive navigation to minimize the learning curve for users transitioning from mobile to desktop. This included maintaining consistent menu structures and iconography.

Interactive Elements Consistency:
Ensured that interactive elements, such as buttons and input fields, maintained a uniform appearance and behavior, promoting a sense of continuity for users.

Comprehensive Testing:
Conducted extensive testing across various devices to identify and address any potential discrepancies or challenges in the user interface transition.

Logo Concepts

Owlist Logo Concept
Owlist Logo Concept
Owlist Logo Concept
Owlist Logo Concept

Color Exploration

Owlist Color Exploration