Hero Bar


Hero Bar is an energy bar made for kids. They approached me looking for a rebrand. They wanted to incorporate a design that would be attractive to young athletes and that used their new slogan “The optimal fuel for young athletes”.


Illustrator, Photoshop

Hero Bar Logo
Hero Bar Packaging

Flavors Kids Love

Hero Bar makes several kid friendly flavors and for that reason they needed a design that could be easily modified to work for several color ways. The solid bar on the left side of the packaging is easily changed and is a noticeable size when sitting on a store shelf.

Hero Bar Protein Bar
Hero Bar Athlete

Target Audience

Hero Bar is made for young athletes so I absolutely knew it was important to convey that on the packaging. In a sea of a thousand protein bars it could easily be overlooked as an adult protein bar if not designed properly. To do so, I incorporated an image of a young athlete and came up with a youthful pattern used on marketing materials and another version of the bag.