Love Me


Honey Love Products approached me to design their new series of massage oils, Love Me, Hate Me. This set is for couples to give each other massages and comes with a floral lavendar vanilla scent and a mint vanilla scent. They wanted a minimalistic yet modern and bold style. To achieve this I used high contrast colors with a bold typeface.


Illustrator, Photoshop

Love Me Hate Me Packaging Image

Target Audience

This client wanted to target young millenial couples that wanted to spice up their love lives. In order to do that I made this design bold in both the colors and the edgy theme. The product is being sold through their website as well as Amazon Marketplace.

Love Me Couple Image
Love Me Tags

Love Me Tags

Honey Love Products wanted a fun and edgy way to engage the customer on the packaging. So our solution was to add a list of reasons to be loved and hated for on the packaging tags.