Mike Hess Brewing


Mike Hess Brewing is a local San Diego brewery. I came on board to help out with their most recent rebranding project. I contributed to beer can designs, beer bottle designs, coasters, posters, post cards, tap handles, stickers, and brewery signage.


Illustrator, Photoshop

Mike Hess Logo
Mike Hess Beer Bottles
Mike Hess Keg Collar

Into the Sunset

Into the Sunset was one of the beers that I helped design. It’s a blood orange IPA and I designed the beer can, beer bottle, tap handle, keg collar, and brewery signage.

Mike Hess Glass & Hops
Mike Hess Stickers

Mike Hess Swag

In addition to helping with the rebranding on the beer cans and bottles, I also helped out with making some of the Mike Hess Brewing swag. Such as the stickers, beer glasses.