Scentco, Inc. is a stationery and toy company based out of Santee, California. They make the funnest stuff on Earth!


There were two goals we were trying to achieve with this site re-design. The first was to eliminate user confusion. Scentco, Inc. sells into two industries, retail and fundraising, and they were having users land on the wrong website. So we needed to get the user to the correct website. The second goal was to decrease the cart abandonment percentage. After our focus groups and user testing we successfully setup a new UI that not only decreased the number of clicks for a better shopping experience, but also setup an abandoned cart campaign to help those that were undecided on their initial visit. Scentco Inc. not only had happier customers, but a 23% increase in online revenue after one year.


Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript


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Icon Exploration

Scentco Icon Exploration

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